Helping seniors move can be challenging and frustrating.

Finding a new place for seniors to live is just the beginning.

Assisting them with packing, downsizing and moving, along with getting their house ready for sale is no easy task.

This is exactly the situation when you need an experienced and specially trained professional Realtor.

Rande Friedman and the White Glove House specializes in assisting seniors and their families in all areas of real estate and property.

Experienced throughout Tampa Bay, FL, the White Glove House team uses and recommends only licensed and insured professionals.

We coordinate the evaluators/appraisers for the art, furniture, collectibles and other valuables so that you can feel confident in their value.

Several estate sale companies will be available for your selection based upon size and amount of items to be sold that way

You can select which charities that you would like the remaining items are to be donated. We handle all the scheduling.

"After moving my father to an assisted living facility, I knew I would begin the process of selling the home my father had resided in for almost 10 years. Rande was one of my father’s neighbors, and although I had not gotten to know him well, he was a great neighbor to my father, and my father had spoken of him very favorably. So when my father passed away a few months later, I contacted Rande, and asked him to handle the sale of my property. Losing my father was very difficult, and Rande was a tremendous help to me. After that initial call, and our first meeting to sign some papers, Rande really took it from there. He literally handled everything, including assistance with inspections, repairs, and Salvation Army pick-ups. Rande was so easy to work with, and made this very difficult change in my life quite a bit easier. He did an amazing job for me, and I’m confident in recommending him to anyone in a similar situation. "
Terry Kelsey

When the move involves selling a home, this is when the White Glove House really excels.

As a member of the Senior Real Estate Specialist group along with many local senior affiliations, I am able to guide you through all your options while maintaining your Senior’s dignity.

Transition Services Customized For Your Specific Needs.

  • In Depth Consultation and Needs Assessment by Independent Professional
  • Explanation of the Different Senior Housing Options
  • Complete Downsizing Coordination
  • Single Point of Contact (Your Professional Transition Manager)
  • Resource for a Network of Trusted Vendors
  • Future Home Space Planning
  • Scheduling & Supervision of Estate Sale, Movers, Packers & more
  • Preparation & Sale of Home
  • Communication with Family
I have completed a series of educational courses specifically geared toward helping seniors and their families with later-in-life real estate transactions. This designation also gives me access to a network of other senior specialists to help families navigate the maze of financial, legal and emotional issues that accompany the sale of the home.

Do you know the home’s value?

Don’t let automated systems give you a false value.
Each neighborhood is different, and there are many factors and variables that go into pricing your property.

Helpful Resources

  • Senior Living Guide

    See a list of local retirement, assisted living or home health resources.