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8 Things You Need to Do With the House of A Loved One Who Died

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Handling your loved one’s estate can feel like total chaos
We Ease Your Stress

There’s an endless list of decisions to make, and you’re being hit with advice, opinions and questions from every direction.There are legal and emotional issues to handle, not to mention the physical burden of sorting through belongings.Maybe you’re navigating strained family relationships, adding another layer of stress. If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, guilty or frustrated, that’s completely normal.

You deserve a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist to guide you through every detail, giving you space to grieve.

Constant Communication

I establish a working relationship with your attorney, and clearly communicate each step to family members so that everyone feels involved and heard. If you have any questions, I’m always just a phone call away.

Detailed and Documented

You are being asked to make major financial decisions at a time you may feel least able. I make sure every action is documented, verified and backed by a third party so that everyone has peace of mind.

Highest Value

I determine the highest list price through my competitive market analysis (CMA) as well as an independent broker’s price opinion (BPO) at my own expense. I’ll also ensure all personal property is sold at full market value through expert appraisals.

Your Personalized Plan

We’ll meet at the home so I can evaluate your exact needs and allow you to decide if I’m the right person to handle the estate. It’s important that you are comfortable and confident I can achieve your goals. We can begin whenever you’re ready.


Every situation is different. I’ll create a personalized plan to guide you through each step and take immediate action to protect the property and assets.
  • Secure against theft (including identity theft)
  • Handle immediate needs such as rehoming a pet or forwarding the mail
  • Coordinate the extra steps needed for probate real estate sales
  • Establish a working relationship with your attorney (or recommend one if needed)
  • Provide paperwork if you need to work with me remotely


I have a network of licensed and bonded professionals to help you prepare the house for showings, from packing and distributing personal property to making any updates that will affect the sales price.

  • Coordinate an estate sale or prepare items for auction
  • Schedule charity pick-ups, haul-away services, appraisers, cleaners and contractors
  • Complimentary family session with a grief counselor if necessary
  • Make recommendations for repairs or improvements
  • Schedule and oversee any work by handyperson or contractors


Most clients feel they cannot properly grieve until all details of an estate are handled. I use innovative marketing to sell each home quickly and for full value.
  • Use two different types of appraisals to determine the highest possible list price
  • Virtually stage the house in different decor styles
  • Coordinate professional photography, optimized for mobile
  • Virtual tours for remote buyers and open houses for local buyers
  • Help you evaluate offers based on any potential issues in closing the sale

A Calm Voice In Crisis

You will likely only do this once in your life — you need a trusted professional to guide you through it. I understand this is much more than a real estate transaction, and my goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible. With focused empathy, I help clients handle every last detail so that they can focus on what’s truly important during the grieving process.

In addition to being a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, I’m also an affiliate of the Hillsborough County Bar and the North Tampa Bar Associations. This does not mean I provide legal counsel, but rather I know at what point in the process legal counsel is needed to avoid problems down the road. This personalized attention from beginning to end is why many probate lawyers refer clients to me, and I work hand-in-hand with legal counsel to ensure every protocol is followed.

Rande Friedman


8 Things You Need to Do

There are so many things that can happen in the
confusing first days of a loved one’s passing. Download
the 8-Point Checklist I use with all clients to make sure
nothing is overlooked, from finding a new home for a pet
to making sure the thrift shop doesn’t receive an original
Van Gogh.

8 Things To Do

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