I understand that it’s more than a home. It’s the physical embodiment of your hopes and dreams as a couple. I also understand there’s no easy way to navigate divorce and family law matters.

That is why I go above and beyond to make sure the details of the transaction go smoothly and quickly, giving you the freedom to focus on other matters.

How I Can Help

  • Determine highest possible list price with two professional market analyses (BPO and CMA)
  • Customized marketing plan including Cloud Appeal to sell the home as quickly as possible
  • Provide weekly reports detailing showings, market updates, and property condition
  • Oversee communication between attorney, title company, seller, and buyer’s agent
“When my ex-husband and I needed to sell our home, we could barely stand to be in the same room with one another.. I was so glad we had Rande there to help things along. He made sure that both my ex-husband and I were kept in the loop with all the important decisions while offering sound advice about our best course of action. Rande also made sure that when we did have to be in the room together, that the attitude was calm and neutral. He was also great at working around my busy schedule. He always found time to show the home when it was not an inconvenience to us. Instead of it being a huge and painful ordeal, our home sold in a snap at a price everyone could be happy with. If it were not for Rande, we might still be trying to sell it!”-
Name withheld for client confidentiality.

Do you know your home’s value?

Don’t let automated systems give you a false value.
Each neighborhood is different, and there are many factors and variables that go into pricing your property.