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When you or a friend is needing help with selling a loved one’s estate,
moving a relative into a senior community or selling a house when going through a divorce,

please let Rande Friedman and the White Glove House give you the “peace of mind” you deserve in those overwhelming times.


Successful Advice and Guidance

Rande-Just want to thank you for all of your help and advice related to the sale.
I doubt that we would have gotten the price that we did without your guidance.”

Steven Reynolds, Tampa Property Attorney for over 40 yrs. September 28, 2016

Above and Beyond

I cannot say enough good things about Rande Friedman, who was my real estate agent for my first sale of property. He went above and beyond what I expected from an agent. My condo needed some work done on it before I could put it on the market. Rande secured bids and, once I decided on contractors, he met them and let them in my unit and supervised their work. Nothing rattled him, which helped keep me calm when we discovered certain appliances weren’t working or the neighbor’s toilets were leaking into my unit. Rande kept me informed, he is easy-going yet professional, and he provided very good advice along the way. And most important of all, he negotiated a better price than I expected to get for my unit. I have been raving about Rande since I started working with him; I highly recommend him.

Jill P. Crawford, Esq. September 28, 2016

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