Selling A Loved One’s Estate

Selling a loved one's home

When a probate, estate or trust calls for the sale of real property, one of your most valuable allies is a knowledgeable real estate professional. I would like to offer my experienced Realtor services to you. — Rande Friedman

Selling an Estate Property

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You Need an Experienced Professional Realtor

Having worked with trustees, beneficiaries and probate professionals throughout the years, I understand the stress involved with these types of sales.

I strive to create a climate of transparent communication, building trusting relationships between all the involved parties. I’m able to provide straightforward explanations in non–technical terms to accountants, trustees, administrators, conservators and, of course, client sellers.

The main goal is to get the best possible price for beneficiaries. I always keep their best interest in mind in all negotiations throughout the transaction.