Helping a Family

Estate Home

What a pleasure it was to help the Taylor family sell their late father’s house. The process went very smoothly, from their attorney calling me to give me their contact info all the way to the disbursement of the proceeds of the sale.

The family was very involved and cooperative with all my suggestions. First we had the  initial walk-through with Brian and Laura to discuss what improvements would be the easiest, most cost effective and add real value to the selling price. Next, I provided Dale Smrekar of Downsizing Advisory Service to review and assess the value of the art, collectables, furniture and other personal items Mr. Taylor had acquired over his lifetime. Once the decision was made on which items to keep, sell through a gallery or auction house, Danny Triplet from Full-House Liquidation proceeded with the onsite estate sale process. The family was very happy with the effort and results Danny produced from the sale. The family used an excellent cleaning service and the house was ready for Lori Ballard professional photographer to do her magic.  The property was listed on all major websites, Zillow, Realtor . com, Trulia, and the all the international, national and local real estate companies. A great offer came in and after negotiations, the Taylor family was under contract. Closed in 30 days and a big relief was felt by Brian and Laura.